Is your website responsive?

Mobile Responsive WebsitesWhen you are searching through a business website on your phone and have to scroll from side to side or up and down just to read a paragraph it can be very frustrating. What’s worse is the times you try to click on a link or menu item but nothing happens. Maybe the site looks completely different on mobile or the features you love on desktop are a complete flop on a small screen.  Those frustrating experiences are likely to drive a customer from one business to another all because the website is not responsive.

According to Google, the number of mobile searches surpassed desktop searches in 2015 and that trend continues to grow. So, in 2016 more people will be searching for your business on a mobile device than ever before and having a mobile-responsive site is a big deal for your bottom line.

Go Mobile Media Marketing can provide you and your business with a responsive website that will be easy to use and look great in your customer’s hands. We also provide guidance in leading your customers to your website through mobile advertisements and search engine optimization (SEO). We don’t just use a WordPress template for you to fill in, we build a completely custom website designed with mobile in mind to perform well, engage your customer and drive business to increase sales.

We build our sites in WordPress, one of the most widely used and reliable platforms on the web today. With a custom-built site we can properly index the key components of your business, making it easy for Google and other search engines to crawl through and find what your customers are looking for.

Why are responsive sites better for Google and other engines? Rather than creating two copies of the same site – for mobile and desktop – a responsive site is one site that renders well on any size screen. Responsive sites use one URL and HTML coding that adapts to different types of devices.

Want to find out more? Visit our Responsive Web Development section to find out how you can get started.

We encourage you to take a look at your business’ website. It may look good on your desktop browser, but how does it function and look on your phone or tablet?

Request a Consultation if you’re ready to make sure your current and potential clients aren’t leaving your website for a better user experience on your competitor’s site. We’ll be happy to help take your website to the next level!

Pam Lehr
MMA Mobile Certified Marketer




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