Mobile Coupons

A mobile coupon is an electronic ticket that is delivered by a mobile device that can be exchanged for a rebate when purchasing a product or service. To receive and act on a promotional offer displayed on a consumer’s ever-present mobile screen is a natural extension of a mobile lifestyle. In addition to this, mobile coupons are a lot easier for consumers to use, especially since they do not need to cut them out and store them in their wallet. Microsoft has calculated redemption times for mobile offers compared to those received on a tablet and a home PC. Mobile redemption time is one hour, compared to three days on a tablet and 30 days on a computer.

How it works: When a customer accesses a mobile coupon, they must first fill out the form information on the mobile landing page to claim the coupon. Once the form is completed and the coupon is claimed, a personalized coupon redemption page link is instantly delivered back through email and/or SMS specifically for the user who claimed the coupon.

Ways to Utilize Mobile Coupons in Your Business:

1. Have a QR Code created that, when scanned, will direct users to your mobile coupon.

2. Send a link to your customers via SMS Text Message that directs them to your mobile coupon.

3. Post your mobile coupon link on Social Media and share with your networks.

There a number of coupon layouts and data capture allows you to build a list by having a consumer claim the coupon before the savings are unlocked!




The personalized redemption page consists of the customer’s name and email, coupon details, coupon expiration date, and authorized nearby redemption locations.

To complete the coupon transaction, the user must present their personalized redeem page to a business associate at an authorized location, and tap the redeem button on the page. Each coupon can only be redeemed once per customer and when the offer has been redeemed it will no longer be valid.

Businesses using mobile coupons can track and capture valuable data from customers. They can track claimed coupons versus redeemed coupons and conversion rates and export everything into a CSV or excel file. Analytics are available for every mobile coupon that is created, such as the number of Views, Claims, and Redemptions.

Mobile couponing will dominate retail marketing attention over the next few years. For good reason, as mobile coupons show redemption rates 10 times higher than traditional coupons.

Teamed with the right print advertising, these personalized mobile coupons have the potential to drive foot traffic to brick and mortar locations like never before.

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