Mobile Interactive Advertising

Our mobile interactive advertising service is a fully managed Real Time Bidding (RTB) service with over 50,000+ targeting variables allowing us to reach the exact audience a client wants to reach in real time. We integrate with 40+ ad networks giving us access to 99% of the ad space available globally on desktop, mobile sites and mobile apps.

One of the targeting group options that we offer is Audience (3rd Party Data) Targeting. Audience Targeting gives you the ability to enrich your targeting with 3rd party data. We currently have audience data available from all of the industry leading 3rd party data providers including BlueKai, eXelate, Nielsen and Targus. We have instant access to 750 million people and over 45,000 detailed audience segments. The available data is determined by search, social, interest, behavioral, demographic, transactional, and in-the-market-intent.

Display advertising is not new in the online space, however, the fully interactive ads are new cutting edge technology that have performed extremely well in 2015.

This is a screenshot of an ad for an auto client.


In a recent 30 day period this ad in a defined city and radius has had 6400+ viewers engage with their brand.

We monitor every click within the ad, as well as click through. With the interactive ads viewers can see everything within the ad (less reason to click through) vs a traditional static ad that contains limited information. A click through on a static ad is for any further information whereas the click through from an already engaged customer is more valuable.

Full service done-for-you campaigns include:

  • custom interactive ad design and creative including monthly updates, if required
  • targeting geo and demographics based on the client goals
  • ad spend (media buying) for any of the ad views
  • ad submission to all the major ad exchanges
  • deliver the ads on all major desktop, mobile sites and mobile apps
  • monthly performance and engagement tracking

As budget allows we also offer:

  • Tracking all activity outside of the interaction in the ad based on clicking through to the website
  • Targeting search terms, accessing 3rd party data and targeting “in the market” to buy
  • Retargeting the audience that engages with the ad and clicks through to the website (bringing them back to take an action) including Facebook retargeting

Click below for a report by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) that outlines how the interactive ads vs mobile banner ads inspire interaction and the affect on the brand awareness and recall of the business.

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