Mobile Responsive Web Development


Responsive design websites ensure that your content is readable and consumable on any device such as your desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone. Most search engines, particularly Google, prefer responsive design for a better user experience and it makes it easier for Google to crawl, index and organize your site.

Our responsive web development of choice is WordPress, open source software that powers a plethora of websites in existence today. You may be thinking, I can do this myself for very little cost. You are right, you could. Will the theme you choose be effective and get the results you would like? Will it display on mobile with the most important features for quick and easy access? With the 2015 announcement by Google on how every website/business that is not mobile-friendly may actually see a major change in how a business will rank in the search engine.

There are many web developers available and what sets us apart is our expertise in mobile and how the responsive website is viewed on mobile and in particular a phone. All testing of your new website is done on desktop and extensive testing on how your new responsive website shows on smartphones. If for any reason it is not easy to use, as a viewer, we make adjustments specifically for mobile. We have analyzed thousands of responsive websites and a majority of them do not have immediate access to a click to call phone number.

Gone are the days of developing websites for desktop, as they have become a secondary device and customizing an experience for phones is critical. The sites must load fast with quick and easy access to the phone number, make an appointment, and directions to name a few.