Scratch N’ Save

See how you can increase engagement with your consumers. This popular technology will spark your prospects’ curiosity, and present your message or offer in a unique and fun way!


As a business owner, you have probably exhausted all methods to encourage your target market to check out your business. Have you ever noticed that in every convenience store they sell scratch off game cards right on the counter next to the register – the ‘prime spot’…

…and why?

Because scratch cards SELL!

  • They are interactive
  • They are fun
  • They are rewarding
  • They don’t take skill

And not only that, they are easy to implement into your business! Your online AND mobile customers can use this fun tool to win contests, free consultations, deals, prizes, and more! YOU choose how many consumers will win your offer and how frequently it will run, and we will help you customize the scratch card settings to make it work for YOUR business!

So how does it work? Well Scratch cards can be “scratched” both online or on a mobile device.

To use a Scratch card Online through a website, simply mouse over the entire image while holding down the mouse button to unveil the results.

To use a Scratch card on a mobile device, simply rub your finger over the image to unveil the results:

Want to test out the Scratch N’ Save feature?


ENGAGE your customers! It doesn’t matter if you’re an online or offline marketer; engaging your customers is the key. Scratch N’ Save cards do this by presenting a FUN and EASY to play game (everyone knows how to scratch a scratch card).

REWARD your customers! Here’s a little ‘trick’ – if someone wins “20% off your product” they are AMAZED that they won, as people are programmed to think they will lose on most scratch cards. So when you present them with a coupon for 20% off, they will use it!

Here comes the BIG list:

These scratch cards…

  • Offer a unique way to engage customers and offer deals, discounts, and promotions.
  • Give your promotions that “cool” factor with touch screen compatibility.
  • HTML5 & Responsive theme compatible – these work on any site!
  • Use these cards in any post, page, widget, or Facebook page.
  • Forces visitors to interact with a fun game-like offer.
  • Provides new, cutting-edge technology, yet is instantly familiar because of lottery popularity.

That’s not all!

Go Mobile Media Marketing also offers custom-made Scratch N’ Save cards created according to your specifications and branding/colours. These scratch cards are new and cutting-edge; another way to be a step ahead of your competitors. Act now to showcase your offerings in a fun, interactive way like nothing your customers have seen before!