Targeted Advertising & Retargeting


Targeted advertising is targeting your ideal audience while they are browsing online in real time. For example, a user is searching online for glutten free products and while they are conducting their research a business offering natural foods has targeted that user and a banner ad will be shown in anticipation of earning you as a customer.

Billions of people are searching online and billions of websites have been designed to try and capture the market. With only 10 companies showing on the first page of google, you can understand why it’s hard to gain visibility. That is why we at Go Mobile Media Marketing offer targeted advertising services and we guarantee real time traffic and can be verified in your website analytics…helping you gain visibility and reach your customers!

You can have your own ad optimized by professionals and placed in targeted spots that show up right before your prospect’s eyes while browsing online.

Want to learn how?

It’s a fact that many businesses are missing out on the opportunity to reach their prospects that would be perfect for what they offer.

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  • Display ads will help you reach your consumers where they spend their time browsing online.

  • Promote your business directly to your target audience.

  • Drive guaranteed traffic to YOUR website and attract new customers

  • A display ad can lift branded search activities for consumers by 38%!

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  • Reach your target audience when they are browsing online.

  • Optimized and guaranteed referral traffic from high quality websites and verified in Google Analytics. Watch the video below:

  • Target campaigns by demographics, interests, and intent using third party data providers.

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  • Re-targeting is an extremely effective form of online advertising, as you’re essentially re-pitching your business to an already interested audience.

  • On average, 2% of visitors to your site will convert and re-targeting helps you reach that 98% by reintroducing them to your business as they browse online.

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  • Our platform utilizes 500+ networks with access to millions of websites.

  • These sites enable us to strategically target prospective consumers across the web.

performance and reporting

  • Receive detailed analytics on campaign performance