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Text message marketing/SMS marketing, is Simple, Instant & Effective…

…ensuring that 95% of your marketing efforts are reaching your customers within minutes with a message that is directed, timely and focused. Text message marketing/SMS marketing offers instant exposure resulting in a boost in sales. Mobile marketing campaigns are so efficient that the Mobile Marketing Association reports mobile marketing campaigns have a 10 to 1 return on investment over other forms of media!

Our goal is to ensure all of our clients have an amazing FIRST experience in mobile marketing. Pricing will vary depending on the needs of each business.

Personalized keyword and sub-keyword campaigns, giving you the perfect way to track and analyze your mobile marketing success.

Mobile coupons, are quickly becoming the go-to medium for couponing. Businesses issued 315 billion coupons in 2013 and consumers redeemed 2.8 billion coupons, but much of the traditional newspaper-based coupon business is now moving to mobile. In general, coupons are used to promote sales and increase customer loyalty.

The mobile coupons medium can reach its target audience when that audience is most likely to buy. The mobile coupons drive traffic into your business during on demand. For instance, Subway sends text messages to its opt-in database just before lunch time when workers are deciding where to go for lunch. Receive a mobile coupon and it’s almost already decided for them.

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