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Why Mobile Marketing?


  • It is the only media that is truly personal and carried constantly. Mobile phones are not shared with others - even our spouses!
  • Mobile is the only media where each consumer can be identified individually - by their phone number - with a degree of accuracy not available with any other media.
  • Mobile is the first and only media that is always on. Messages, news, and promotions are delivered instantly and can be accessed 24/7 by consumers.
  • The mobile phone is the only media that is constantly with the owner.

Mobile marketing offers the ability to communicate in real time with consumers via a mobile device in a variety of ways – you can send SMS/MMS messages to your customers, create mobile responsive websites and emails, develop apps to engage your customer base and more. Mobile used in ....

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Responsive design websites ensure that your content is readable and consumable on any device such as your desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone. Most search engines, particularly Google, prefer responsive design for a better user experience and it makes it easier...

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Targeted advertising is targeting your ideal audience while they are browsing online in real time. For example, a user is searching online for glutten free products and while they are conducting their research a business offering natural foods has targeted that user and a banner...

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Why us?

Our team of experts keep up-to-date on the latest changes in the online and mobile space. We have researched and made all the mistakes for you to allow you to rest assured that our team will work with you in your best interest to accomplish your goals!

  • 50+ Years Combined Marketing Experience
  • Certified Mobile Consultants
  • Custom Strategy, No Cookie Cutter
  • Team of Specialized Experts
  • Full Service Agency from Analysis through Integration and Monitoring Results

Our Process

  • Analysis
  • Strategy
  • Creation
  • Implementation
  • Integration
  • Monitor
  • Measure
  • Manage Results


We have worked with Pam and her team at Go Mobile Media Marketing for the last couple years. Since we have implemented interactive targeted advertising and retargeting our audience we have had more traffic and leads from Saskatachewan.The ad effectiveness is monitored closely to ensure we have a highly engaged viewer.
Grant Jennings, CRM & Marketing Manager, Rodeo Ford Sales Limited
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